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By Ellen Gonzales

Cambridge School is proud to announce the Jim Peters Memorial Scholarship for the 2024-2025 school year.  虽然吉姆去世已经一年了, 他的记忆在我们的学校社区中经久不衰.  这项奖学金是为了纪念吉姆的生平和遗产而提供的.

Jim and Deb Peters founded Cambridge School in 2001 and worked side by side for 24 years making their dream a reality.  Thousands of students have benefited from a Cambridge education and nothing made the Peters family happier than watching them succeed.  

Countless former students returned to Pennington last year to pay their respects at Jim’s funeral. They came to offer comfort to Deb by telling her the difference Jim made in their lives; his kindness made a lasting impact that changed their lives forever.   If you were fortunate to get to know him, you witnessed that warmth, sincerity and kindness too.  

这项5万美元的奖学金将允许合格的新生进入剑桥.  吉姆一生都秉持着慷慨仁慈的精神,被授予此奖.  (合格的候选人必须是第一次申请进入六年级至十年级.  申请截止日期为2024年5月31日.)

成功的申请者会表现出非凡的善良, empathy, 并承诺以己所愿的方式对待他人, 这些特点体现在《十大老品牌网赌网址大全权利与责任法案》中, 以及证明的经济需求.

Never underestimate the lasting impact of an act of kindness; Jim taught us all that.

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  • Art Integration
    by Ellen Gonzales

    十大老品牌网赌网址大全的文化是充满活力和多元化的.  这是我们学校与众不同的地方.  In our blog, Learning Fiercely, we have chosen to shine the spotlight on one facet of our school culture to appreciate how  it contributes to the whole.  这是我们的第一篇博文,我们关注的是 Cambridge Art program.  

    艺术是每个学校课程的重要组成部分, 但在剑桥,它是高质量多感官教育的重要组成部分.  Melissa Mack, Cambridge’s Art Coordinator, recognizes, 并培养每个学生艺术家的萌芽天赋. When a student, 尤其是那些学习方式不同的人, 实现新发现的才能, it strengthens their confidence and awakens in them a whole new outlet of creative expression.  

    Even beyond that, Melissa热衷于将艺术体验带入每一堂课, no matter the subject.  When art is integrated into the curriculum and taken beyond the confines of the art room it makes academic concepts come alive. 对于通过实践学习效果最好的学生来说,艺术是最终的多感官学习工具.  Melissa从华盛顿实验室学校的Sally Smith那里获得灵感.  In her book The Power of the Arts Sally writes:

    “The arts need to be looked upon as organizers of expression… as exhibitions and performances that can and often do host academic achievement.”

    就在今年的上半年,梅丽莎就把艺术融入了各个年级.  当中学理科学生学习牛顿运动定律时, 她设计了一个钟摆绘画项目,展示了运动规律.  当文学新生开始阅读时 Speak, Melissa designed a linoleum carving project that helped them to demonstrate their understanding of a character.  在硕士期间,我学习地理, the students made colorful topographic maps out of salt dough to gain a three dimensional understanding of landforms.  Melissa made the idea of metamorphosis come alive to the elementary students as they designed butterfly and caterpillar costumes for a story reenactment. 

    Multisensory teaching experiences such as these, capture the excitement and joy of learning.  梅丽莎分享了她对艺术的热爱, she has also inspired Cambridge students and teachers to gain a new appreciation for the far reaching power of art.



  • PE Integration
    by Ellen Gonzales

    Our Mission at Cambridge School is to prepare every student with the necessary academic, 在生活中取得成功的个人和社会技能. 对于有阅读障碍的学生,我们的老师, 谁是训练有素的语言专家, 提供强有力的以研究为基础的识字教学. 这种指导可以改变学生的生活, but it is equally important to leverage the unique strengths of a dyslexic mind to further their life success.

    The many attributes of the dyslexic mind have come to the forefront over the past several years.  2022年3月,阅读障碍思维被LinkedIn列为一项重要的工作技能. Further, Dictionary.Com增加了以下定义:

    “阅读障碍思维:一种解决问题的方法, assessing information, and learning, 通常用于有阅读障碍的人,包括模式识别, spatial reasoning, lateral thinking, 以及人际沟通.”

    These dyslexic qualities lend themselves particularly well to success in sports and fitness. Those with dyslexia often experience a history of lagging behind their peers in the typical classroom, but sports participation presents an opportunity for them to truly level the playing field. Christine Kean, PE Instructor and Athletic Director, routinely witnesses this dynamic.  An 18-year veteran of Cambridge, Christine described our students “unique problem solving ability. Their world view is so different because of their dyslexic thinking that they offer unique solutions, 通常是她从未考虑过的.”

    Christine’s teaching philosophy integrates the PE environment to support fitness but also to build important academic and life skills.  In her opinion, “PE skills directly transfer to success in the classroom and in the real world.在锻炼身体的同时, 学校鼓励学生设定个人目标, to advocate, problem solve, 解决冲突,管理压力. 一旦他们看到这些技能对他们健康的好处, 他们在课堂上也感到被赋予了权力, 并开始十大老品牌网赌网址大全的个人能力.  All students benefit from this skill integration process but especially students who are challenged by learning differences.

    当一个学生与一个支持他的老师联系时,他也是一个强有力的导师, 他们开始明白在课堂上坚持不懈的价值.  虽然克里斯汀的教室是在球场上或在体育馆里, 她巧妙地利用学生对运动的热爱来支持他们的学业, 个人与社会发展.

    Ms. Kean and studentsMs. Kean with basketball team


  • Music & Theater Integration
    by Meghan Peters

    At Cambridge School, thoughtful integration of the arts is essential to our whole-child approach to education. 我们之前的文章强调了我们强大的视觉艺术项目, 本条目将重点介绍我们强大的音乐和戏剧产品.

    Our Music Coordinator, Ray Nugent, is an accomplished handbell ringer and talented piano player who uses his passion and expertise to make music and theater accessible to our students at every level. The Cambridge chime and bell choirs are a unique aspect of our music program in which each student really shines. 雷指导低年级学生敲钟, 随着技能的发展,中学小组也开始学习钟声. Our winter and spring concerts come to life as our chime and bell choirs are complemented by student vocalists and class harmonies. Ray’s patience and wonderful sense of humor (he is often seen sporting colorful socks and snazzy blazers) keeps our students engaged and helps them adopt a growth mindset as their confidence grows. While his classes are fun, they also challenge our students’ brains in different ways than the traditional classroom. 南加州大学的研究人员 研究音乐训练对儿童大脑的影响 note:

    “如果大脑是一块肌肉,那么 学习演奏乐器和读谱是终极的锻炼音乐训练加速了大脑中负责记忆的区域的成熟 sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills音乐教学还能促进大脑网络的参与 decision making and the 集中注意力和抑制冲动的能力.

    Thus, 我们的音乐课程是我们用来解决学生挑战的重要工具, 同时也颂扬他们的优点.

    When Ray is not busy with bell ringing and singing instruction, he is directing our school musicals. As a director, Ray is skilled at recognizing each student’s potential and matching them with roles that enable them to excel on stage. This year our Upper School will perform “Zombie Prom” and our Lower and Middle Schools will present “The Lion King.“我们期待着尽快开始售票!

    Ray also helps our students showcase their exceptional abilities through our Annual Talent Show. The numerous students willing to perform original acts in front of the entire Cambridge Community is yet another testament to the confidence building work Ray does through our music and theater program.

    Mr. Nugent and Students Singing


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